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  • Workplace Stability

My New Walk In Life

I am STILL excitedly married to a WONDERFUL man and the most protective mother to two AMAZING children. Those are my bragging points, and the very best part of me!

I am now a 
PROUD entrepreneur, after working one job after another from the age of 14 to 35. It wasn't and hasn't been easy until I found AND walked in my passion. See, I've always been a creative and driven person. I felt I was onto something so much so I started making gift baskets. Next, bath products became my focus and personal care items to help people feel good in the "skin they were in" - always pushing myself harder to help others feel authentic.


Then I was introduced to the MLM industry, and this is where I BLOSSOMED. I was determined to be a millionaire and rub arms with the top figure earners. I invested lots of money, pushed myself in areas not quite comfortable so that I could continue to grow, grow and grow -  but still, I was not mastering the trade. I've made mistakes, conquered fears and pushed through many a trial to learn life affirming lessons that have made me who I am today.


I will not claim to be rich or anywhere close (in the traditional sense), HOWEVER I will claim to have achieved a stability that only comes with being TRUE to myself. I have learned to stand on my strengths, to help others, and to never hide my weaknesses. Those weaknesses may show some they are not alone. Trust me, we all go through things we'd like to shelter in those hidden places within, but honestly many of the trials we overcome are meant to strengthen us to therefore turn and strengthen someone else. Iron SHARPENS iron.


It doesn't matter if you are having marital, sexual, or weight issues - I can help. I have found my life passion being a Life Coach, and can be the perfect outlet to you on your journey. I enjoy sharing this platform and My New Walk In Life with the world. It allows me to always stand on my own TRUTH, help you obtain and maintain your authentic self and ultimately help you walk in your BEST life!

I can stand with you in your good, bad, and ugly parts of life, while helping guide you to your New Walk In Life.


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