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Attention All


Are you desperately needing to reconnect with your teen?

How to Finally Connect

With Your  Teen
Without Having to Struggle

I am offering 2 amazing tools (valued @ $48.99) for the unbelievable price of  Only $1.99

What do you get? You will receive a digital download guide full of tips, assessments and both sides of the issue from the parent and teens view. This will help your shy, withdrawn or introverted teen blossom right before your eyes. The information you are being provided access to is priceless, and after October will return to regular price! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from my mistakes, I am providing you a road map to a stronger bond.


How will it help?

7 Key Areas of Parent/Teen Bonding:

Awareness: becoming aware of the signs of disconnect

Assessing: to see if your teen is indeed introverted or just shy

Learning: how to function with your teen

Building: a stronger relationship with your teen

Coping: learn tips to improve home environment, family outings and trips

Planning: assisting your teen plan for the future

Follow Up: learn my failures so you can avoid them


What is the bonus?

You will receive The 30/30 Challenge ($19.99 value) 30 Questions to Bond w/ Your Teen Over 30 Days. The task of communicating with your teen can seem overwhelming at times. The feeling of intrusion we feel while pulling conversation out of them, can make the strongest parent a little weak. That is why I developed a system of asking my introverted teen a question a day. Guaranteed to help enhance engagement strengthening your bond.


For a limited time $1.99 (+.pdf download to get started right away) is all it takes to get started bonding with your teen!


Only $1.99 for a        limited time!


Included is FREE access to the Facebook Group

My New Walk In Life (MNWIL) Private access for “Live” Q&A
Group access 



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Prefer a Softcopy book only $5.99 + shipping (retails @ $29.99) when purchased TODAY! 

The Struggle is Over!


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