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Attention All


Are you desperately needing to reconnect with your teen?

How to Finally Connect With Your Introverted Teen
Without Having to Struggle

“Please come out of your room”
Have you uttered those wishful words when your introverted

teen disappears for hours?

Initially, I was that parent who begged my daughter to be with the family and not look like she lost her best friend. I would pray for a family movie night where she’d make it through the whole movie before retreating to her room. This did not stop at home, she would have limited involvement with others in school, and even family gatherings drained her. I thought I was a bad parent, and I felt so helpless when I noticed her discomfort in social settings. After some time, I did my research and experienced a lot of trial and error to get to understand where we were and where we needed go. After putting these necessary steps in place we were well on our way. Finally, we have arrived at the happy, connected place my teen and I are in today. I since have become an even bigger support system to her and she has blossomed before my eyes. My introverted teen remains a straight “A” student and now has a  new zest for life.

I am Tiwana, a Certified Life Coach, specializing in relationships and introversion. After much research, study and hands-on application, I have utilized my knowledge to improve my parent child relationship and even my home as a whole. I’ve been blessed to have helped many relationships, but more importantly parents, to better function with introversion in their teens.

Strategies & Empowerment Tips 


I strive to  unlock your true inner authenticity and my goal is for you to come away from each session feeling inspired and motivated to live your truth.

We have shared our labor of love and experience with you, in hopes of bringing you closer to your introverted teen as well. Our success and failures in dealing with introversion and our joint desires to bond, led us to co-author Raising An Introverted Teen: Both Sides Of The Story.

Raising an Introverted Teen: Both Sides of The Story
(30/30 Questions) will help you in these...

7 Key Areas of Introversion:

  • Awareness: becoming aware of the signs of introversion

  • Assessing: to see if your teen is indeed introverted

  • Learning: how to function with introversion

  • Building: a stronger relationship with your teen

  • Coping: learn tips to improve family outings and trips

  • Planning:  assisting your introvert plan for the future

  • Follow Up: learn my failures so you can avoid them

Get your copy of

"Raising an Introverted Teen:

Both Sides of The Story"

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soft cover $7.99
.pdf download $3.99

Included is a 30/30 Challenge ($19.99 value)
(+.pdf download to get started right away)

30 Questions to Bond w/ Your Introvert over 30 Days

The task of communicating with your introverted teen can seem overwhelming at times. The feeling of intrusion we feel while pulling conversation out of them, can make the strongest parent a little weak. That is why I developed a system of asking my introverted teen a question a day. 

Included is FREE access to the Facebook Group

My New Walk In Life (MNWIL) Private access for “Live” Q&A
Group access 



Get your Softcopy Book (@ $7.99) when purchased TODAY!
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.pdf download (@$3.99) when purchased Today!

Retails @19.99

100% Money Back Guarantee

When you show 90-day "proof of use" via texts, posts, or workbook notes

Get your copy of

"Raising an Introverted Teen:

Both Sides of The Story"

soft cover $7.99
.pdf download $3.99

The Struggle is Over!

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