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This $1000 ancestor bill is for good luck. It represents good fortune, and connects us with wealth, prosperity & abundance. Place it in your purse or wallet to attract money. Use in your home with crystals that attract wealth and prosperity. Ancestor Money can be burnt and offered to your ancestors.Burning ancestor money can overall help your karma and finances! It can also help with your career, love life, etc. Helping Your Ancestors Helps You! You also do NOT have to know your ancestors names. You can say “both known and unknown ancestors.” Ancestors bills can be placed on your alter also.

You will recieve 2 bills per order

Names Used-Ancestor Money | Joss Paper | Alter Money | Hell Money | Heaven Money

*This bill is an imitation*

Ancestor Money

SKU: 036
    • Material -paper
    • Size: 6.1×3 inch (72×155 mm). 
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