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The Hamsa hand is a symbol of protection, warding off evil and keeping the user safe. The Hamsa Hand is one of the oldest symbols in history, dating back several thousands of years. It’s believed to pre-date all major religions, many of which later adapted the symbol to represent some aspect of the religion.

  • A Hamsa facing downwards symbolizes abundance and prosperity, inviting good things to come into your life. An upside-down Hamsa also is seen as a blessing for fertility as well as a means of receiving answered prayers. Generally, the fingers are close together when facing down.
  • A Hamsa facing upwards acts as a talisman against evil and any malicious intent. Additionally, it acts as a shield against any negative thoughts and feelings you may have about yourself and others, including feelings such as greed, jealousy and hatred. The fingers are sometimes spread apart symbolizing the warding off of evil.

The Hand of Fatima has acquired new meanings as it was integrated into different religions and beliefs:

  • Hamsa in Christianity: Within the Catholic denomination, there is a loose linking of the Hamsa Hand with the Virgin Mary, who represents strength, compassion and the feminine. It also reflects the concept of Mary exalted above all else and as a benevolent mother towards all. In the wider Christian community, the eye in the center is replaced with the Christian symbol of the fish, the vesica piscis. It is a symbol of protection against those who wish to do you harm.
  • Hamsa in Hinduism and Buddhism: In these faiths, the Hamsa is often taken to represent the chakras (which are the energy centers that run along the spine), the energy that flows between these centers and the specific hand gestures on forms while meditating or practising yoga so as to redirect energy. Each of the five fingers has an energy, and the five particular mudras associated with the Hamsa are:
  • Thumb: The solar plexus chakra and fire element
  • Forefinger: The heart chakra and air
  • Middle finger: The throat chakra and ethereal elements
  • Ring finger: The root chakra and earth element
  • Pinkie finger: The sacral chakra and water.
  • Hamsa Hand in Judaism: In Judaism, the Hamsa’s value comes from its connection to the number 5, which has holy associations in the faith. Five is the number of holy books in the Torah, it’s one of God’s names and it also reminds the wearer to use their five senses to praise God.
  • Hamsa in Islam: Within the Muslim community, the Hamsa Hand takes on the same meaning as that found in other cultures in the Middle East. That is, the Hand of Fatima is an amulet to ward off the evil eye and protect the wearer from curses. However, the five fingers of the Hand of Fatima can also represent the five pillars of Islam:
  • Faith and the belief that there is only one God and one Prophet
  • Prayer which is obligatory
  • Alms which is compulsory giving to help others
  • Fasting during the month of Ramada to enhance one’s spirituality and connection to God
  • Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • A Generalised Interpretation:  Because of the Hamsa’s connection with numerous religions, it can be seen as a symbol of unity. Its connection to female figures emphasizes it as a symbol of femininity and compassion. And finally, because the Hamsa had been around before the major religions, it can be considered a pagan or spiritual symbol as well. It’s also a representation of the unity between male and female energies, which come together to bring harmony, balance and enlightenment.

*You will recieve 1 Sage incense stick with your Hamsa Hand 


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  • Size: 9x19cm
    Weight: 1.54 pounds
    *Hand painted so will have some blemishes 


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