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Beautiful Powerful New Moon Crystal Pens with Rose Gold accents, are perfect for writing your intentions, affirmations, manifestations, or release letters. They are ready for you to set your own powerful intentions. Each pen is paired with the perfect crystal or crystal combination to allow the energy to be with you as you write, amplifying your intentions. All pens have a comfortable grip with smooth writing black ink. Comes in a velvet bag with 1 ink refill , and makes the perfect gift!

Pick your favorite style:

A: Light Pink & Rose Quartz -Clear Quartz- Ameythst chips
B: Pink w/Rose Quartz & Clear Quartz chips
C: Light Pink & Ameythst-Rose Quartz -Clear Quartz- chips
D: Blue w/ Amazonite chips
E: Blue w/ Amazonite - Clear Quartz chips

F: Teal w/Amazonite - Clear Quartz chips
G: Light Blue w/Amazonite - Clear Quartz- Amazonite chips

H: Black & Silver Dots w/ Black Obsidian - Clear Quartz chips

 I:  Silver & Black Swirls w/ Black Obsidian chips

J: Silver & Black Swirls w/ Clear Quartz- Black Obsidian chips

K: Gray & Black Swirls w/ Black Obsidian - Clear Quartz chips

L: Gray & Black Swirls w/ Clear Quartz chips 

M: Gold &Black Swirls w/ Black Obsidian-Citrine chips

N: Brown & Yellow w/ Clear Quartz- Citrine chips

O: Yellow & Black w/ Clear Quartz- Citrine chips

P: Brown & Yellow w/ Tiger's Eye- Clear Quartz chips


The convenience of carrying your powerful crystals in a ready to use pen is priceless! Everything you write will be amplified by your powerful intentions. If there is a certain crystal combination you want, use the contact box to request it. Are you ready to manifest your best life? Let's begin with writing your intentions down with a New Moon Crystal Pen!

New Moon Crystal Pen w/ Velvet Bag

SKU: 034
  • Item Weight 4.6 ounces
    Product Dimensions 0.87 x 0.55 x 0.08 inches
    Crystal rose quartz, clear quartz, ameythst, tiger's eye, black obsidian, yellow citrine, amazonite
    Material Type Metal
    Ink Color Black
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