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Our Slim 7 chakra stones necklace is made with metals, resins, and includes amethyst, lapis lazuli, turquoise, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian and red jasper. Comes with 18 inch black adjustable cord necklace. 

7 Chakra Stones Necklace Healing function: 

  • helps protect you from negative energy/emotions around you and increase positive energy
  • attracts wealth, prosperity and abundance
  •  helps unblock your chakras
  • brings balance to your chakra energy
  • brings good luck
  • attracts joy
  • long-term wearing can also bring you better sleep quality

Slim 7 Chakra Stones Necklace

SKU: 023
$7.77 Regular Price
$6.99Sale Price
  • Slim Resin, metal pendant

    7 Chakra Stones:

    • amethyst
    •  lapis lazuli
    • turquoise
    • green aventurine
    • citrine
    • carnelian
    • red jasper

    18 inch cord necklace,  2.2 inch extender

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