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Just as your car needs to be tuned periodically, every relationship needs to be recharged now and then. Couples who have been together for a year or longer can benefit from a relationship checkup. The same can be said for intimate relationships. Making time for a relationship check-up, and going in for maintenance on a regular basis, can go a long way toward preventing serious problems down the road. After the initial days and nights of your relationship when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other, everyday life takes over. It’s so common for couples to loose that spark or just need a quick foundation check. Everyone knows that communication is important in any relationship. Taking the time to check in with each other, and express how you're feeling and what's needed to strengthen your relationship is important. Problems get dealt with — rather than growing into something bigger — and you can both get on the same page. But for some couples, it may be helpful to go deeper. That's why a relationship check-up is perfect for long-term relationships. Over time it's easier to let the smaller things slide, to start to assume you know what's going on with another person. But that's dangerous, because it can lead to complacency. Now, you know the WHY let's discuss the WHAT !


What is a Relationship Check-Up?

A relationship check-up is not the same thing as relationship counseling. It’s a quick way to detect relationship problems: a 30 minute conversation with a seasoned relationship coach. We will identify areas of potential problems before the problems develop or spiral out of control. Identifying problems is simpler and easier during a relationship check-up than if couples wait until they are very unhappy to consult with a professional. The wall of expectation is not as thick allowing effective conversation to happen.

I will ask the right questions to get us to the right direction for your relationship. You will end the check-up with your next steps to a stronger relationship foundation. Now, are you curious about the where?


Your relationship check-up is done in the convenience of your home via phone or zoom (skype & messenger available also) with you and your mate.


Relationship checkups are for all couples, in every stage of their relationship. Sometimes, when we get caught up in everyday routines, we start living separate lives and get used to the distance in our relationships. A relationship checkup can prevent disconnection and facilitate reconnection. 

It's never a bad idea to slow down and get on the same page together!

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