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Why Were Our Great Great Grandparents Healthier Than Us?

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

My husband and I have this conversation often, in the face of a new family illness. Why were our great great grandparents healthier than us , without all the medical advances we have. I think back to our great's and why you don't remember them having all the problems we have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes type 1 & 2 among other things. I can only assume the food consumed is the answer.

I decided to call up my grandmothers to get some input on the subject . I was rewarded with some down home knowledge that only a G'ma could bless me with. They attributed the difference to a more natural way of life Grandma Barbara stated "We grew up in a time when exercise was pulling bacca (tobacco for those who don't have elders ),and working in the fields."My Grandma Mattie told me about Papa Willie who lived to be a hundred and something, drank lots of sweet tea and Pepsi cola. He loved to eat ham fat and nabs (peanut butter crackers ) and never had health problems. They both agreed the kids played in the sun and snacks was off the fruit trees growing outside. They did not eat all these processed foods we eat today, their food was grown naturally . They ate lots of fruits and vegetables paired with meat that was not full of hormones.

The fast food lifestyle my children know with processed foods, video games and cellphones are a sad progression from playing outside, eating fresh fruits and vegetables. The common health problems we face today and use modern medicine to manage symptoms our ancestors used natural, homegrown food to never have the illness. In our preservative heavy culture here are some natural ways to cure the problems our great great grandparents never had .

Melon- hydrates the skin and nails

Cucumbers- flush bacteria & viruses from the body

Basil- decreases swelling in joints & relaxes muscles

Pineapple- burns fat & tones the stomach

Asian Pear- helps remove radioactive toxins from the body

Apples- help prevent depression & reduce anxiety

Cabbage- helps reduce body fat

Red Clover- soothes nerves & purifies blood

Currants- purify the blood & reduces anemia

Cauliflower- helpful for asthma & kidney disorders

Sprouts- strengthen the kidneys, liver & spleen

Bananas- have powerful anti-viral properties

Blueberries- balance blood sugar preventing hypoglycemia

Fennel- soothes pain & relieves cramps and spasms

Oranges- help sinus & respiratory issues

Lemons- alkalinize & cleanse your liver

Sweet Potatoes- help heal IBS & digestive issues

Cherries- strengthen the heart & circulatory system

Peas- regulate blood sugar & aid in weight loss

Limes- remove toxins from the body

Watermelon- detoxifies your blood & body

Dandelion root tea -normalize the functions of the pancreas ,detox the liver (available at Target & Walmart)

Okra- enzymes , soothe the stomach walls

Cinnamon- may lower blood sugar in people with diabetes, may reduce inflammation, antioxidant and fights bacteria

Meadow Sweet- helps the pancreas

String beans- natural insulin

Raisins- help reduce high blood pressure

Apricots- help prevent kidney stones

Lettuce- has enzymes helps your pancreas process sugar if eaten after a sweet item

Ginger Tea- cure for nausea

Honey- reduce coughing

Cabbage - cure for ulcers

Garlic- Can inhibit yeast infections

Potatoes- Cure tension headaches

Elderberries- promote positive blood brain functions, blood circulation and help with immunity

Leeks- offer cardiovascular support, may lower blood pressure.

There are many natural cures for us to use , and it is important for our children that we take the time to learn them. The next generation need to know how our great great grandparents lived happy, healthy lives surrounded by natural fruits and vegetables minus fast food. Remember always live in your Truth!

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